About SingSuite

SingSuite is a revolutionary concept that is being developed by Singapore based Intelli Softwares Pte Ltd. SingSuite is a powerful suite of software products designed from scratch to fulfil needs of organizations in modern connected IT world. Its each individual piece is designed to fit seamlessly with each other on-demand, allowing organizations to have maximum transparency with integrated solution, no hassles of data duplication or synchronization between different systems. As its User Interface is similar across entire suite your users pick up subsequent products easily without spending much time on training. Its extensible design enables custom programming which directly leverages entire suite to offer custom programming requirements you might have.

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Some businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises (SME), prefer using integrated business software as a service (Saas). It gives flexibility of using cloud based solution from anywhere, takes away hassle of maintaining/ upgrading/ securing/ backing up online solution and costs fraction of cost of acquiring long term licenses. To cater for this need we offer SingSuite as SaaS under banner of Start-Me-Easy.

As a whole SingSuite is an honest attempt towards supercharging your organizational productivity.

About Intelli Softwares®

Intelli Softwares® is over 12 years old Singapore based IT Company specializing in web based applications development. We have successfully launched a specialist software called Ontogeny® for multi-level marketing companies. Ontogeny® already offers enterprise grade features like multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-country system that is highly scalable and is already used by users in more than 11 countries. SingSuite is designed & being created from scratch fully leveraging all knowledge, experience, expertise and intellectual property rights we have painstakingly acquired while working on Ontogeny® over last more than 12 years. To know more about Intelli Softwares® Visit - www.IntelliSoftwares.com.


SingSuite is under active development and progressing well. We already have its first implementation online. We are looking forward to official launch in near future.

This webpage is our vision board that keeps us focused and motivated towards realization of dream titled SingSuite!!


SingSuite contains 6 heterogeneous components. these are Below picture graphically depicts all components:

Sing Core

This is the foundation of SingSuite. Everything else connects to it and works as a seamless solution due to it. This internally includes set of common libraries, application programming interfaces, security layer, user management, reports manager and other common functionality that is required by most other Plug & Play products.

This core can be deployed on a dedicated server your organization already owns, may be deployed in cloud environment or even on a shared hosting plans with your preferred vendor. SingSuite is designed by leveraging full power of Microsoft Azure and .net framework. Due to this SingSuite can easily offer services like integration with Microsoft Office 365, Mobile Services, Media Services etc. This also makes it easier for you to use any of existing investment you might have made on Microsoft products like SharePoint, BizTalk etc.

Plug & Play Products

These are individual software product that many organizations require. It’s possible to deploy SingSuite with just any one of the Plug & Play products (few exceptions like Caring Buzz requires Sing CRM to be available, Sing eCommerce requires Sing Sales, Sing ERP includes multiple products). You may purchase any other software product as you require and it can be plugged-in in few minutes without any downtime, without any data migration. Since entire suite maintains same user interface & work style, your users can benefit from quick learning of the subsequent products that you will acquire and start using it like a pro in little time.

Various software products that can be plugged-in to SingCore on demand are:

Sing Sales
Sing Sales is sales tracking software. It supports creating unlimited products, product packages, subscription services, products with configurable/ optional choices, group these into unlimited product categories. You may upload any number of images or other attachments, full support for multi-lingual UI, multi-currency, multi-country operations, tax settings GST/ VAT etc.
Sing eCommerce
Sing eCommerce software provides professional shopping cart and credit card processing system for online payment collection. It includes integration with logistics service providers, shipping rates computations. Solution is PCI compliant. Various payment gateways supported include Paypal, eNets, iPay88, AliPay, BaoFoo gateways BfoPay & AmoPay etc.
Sing CMS
Sing CMS is professional content management system. It includes several features like content management with change history tracking, menu manager, media manager, multi-lingual support, integrated help along with video tutorials to easily get started.
Sing HelpDesk
Sing HelpDesk is a powerful online help desk for initiating, tracking, managing and reporting support logs. It supports different communication channels including via email or from the online portal, and a community post, comments made on a knowledge base article or more. Sing HelpDesk is an ideal solution for building your online community.
Sing Appointment
Sing Appointment makes it easy for corporations to schedule appointment booking through various channels. Your clients/ vendors or other authorized users can directly view free slots & request for bookings. It can be configured to graphically display available rooms/ seats just like airline or theatre seats and let them choose their preferred location as required for your business needs. Configure automated email & SMS reminders to reduce no shows.
Sing CRM
Sing CRM is our Customer Relationship Management offering.
Sing Payroll
Professional payroll software that allows keeping track of all employees, designations, salaries, wages, bonuses etc. Compute CPF contributions and upload to e-Submit@web. Prepare annual forms required for IRAS like form IR8A/ IR8S, Appendix 8A/ 8B.
Sing Converse
Sing Converse is online chat solution. Converse with your visitors, customers & vendors. Online conversation request can be routed to available support team members. During conversation any side may share images, various emoticons can be used. Entire conversation can be saved, emailed & reviewed later.
Sing HR
Sing HR is human resources management software. This can be used for managing new recruitment & selection process as well as for managing details for all existing employees.
Sing Visit
Sing Visit is visitor tracking system. It supports creating profile of the visitor and keeping track of other information like RFID cards issued, time in, time out, department/ staff visiting, company representing, purpose of visit etc. You may configure various check list for your counter/ security staff to follow like NRIC returned, RFID card collected etc. Upon subsequent visit you just need to scan NRIC of the visitor and system can display previous details. Various reports can be generated to know all visit information from particular person/ deartment visiting/ staff of certain vendor or client/ specific purpose etc.
Sing Queue
As name suggests, Sing Queue is queye management solution. It allows you to issue token numbers from various categories of services, track its progress, monitor statistics on wait time & token progress from one stage to another, identify bottlenecks, identify your efficient & poor performing representatives, send number nearing SMS messages and improve overall customer waiting experience. This includes support for self token printing kiosk with auto computed avg. waiting time displayed, token number display on various devices including LED Signages, LCD Televisions, Monitors etc.
Sing Point-of-Sales
This is standard point-of-sales solution that can be deployed on any desktop/ laptop/ tablet or along with standard POS hardware unit.
Sing Suggest
Several businesses fail because they don't have any feedback collection system. Sing Suggest is suggestion & complaints tracking software. This allows your staff, customers, vendors to make online suggestions that can be anonymous. You can capture review comments, assign to different departments/ staff and maintain follow-up reminders. This includes various reports to analyse various suggestions received like suggestions/ complaints by department, product/ service over date range. Configure & receive ratings for your products/ services.
Sing Project
Sing Project is our Project Management solution. This can be used for managing projects, portfolio of projects, various resources, their work allocations, various graphical views to visualize schedules & progress etc.
Sing Accounting
As name indicates Sing Accounting is accounting software that includes all core modules like chart of accounts, general ledger, account receivables, accounts payable, billing, purchase order, sales orders. There is support for IRAS GST compliance, departmental/ project based accounting, bank statements reconciliation etc.
Sing Inventory
Sing Inventory is professional inventory management solution. It supports maintaining products, items list and their stock levels across multiple stores & bins within each store. It includes modules like Stock Receipts, Stock Transfers, Stock Reorder, Product Cost Tracking. You get detailed stock movement tracking with each sales, sales returns, receipts, transfers etc.
Sing Marketing
Sing Marketing is a multi-channel marketing campaign management & tracking software. It allows real time analysis of various statistical parameters from single application. ROI computation, segmentation of data, tracking urls generation etc. Includes integration with leading external tools including Google Analytics.
Sing Assets
Sing Assets is corporate assets tracking software. Keep track of various details like purchase date, price paid, maintenance logs, usage information. Create depreciation schedule and easily monitor current value of all assets. Associate reminders like scheduled maintenance, collection etc.
Sing ERP
Sing ERP is an Enterprise Resources Planning solution. This comes with bundled Sing Accounting, Sing Inventory (includes Procurement), Sing eCommerce (includes Sales), Sing HR, Sing Payroll, Sing CRM, Sing Project and Sing Appointment. Additionally it includes other modules like Production, Distribution, Corporate Performance and Governance, Enterprise Assets Management and Business Intelligence.
Caring Buzz
Caring Buzz is mobile app designed to simplify communication with different users of SingSuite.
Sing Register
Sing Register is event registration software that makes task of event registration extremely easy. You may create online solution that shows details of the events, collect registration details, optional payments through eCommerce, offer self-registration kiosks through laptops/ tablets, print tickets with custom layouts without or without picture, broadcast emails or SMS messages to attendees, generate various reports etc.

Extension Audit Module - Sing Audit

This module integrates with Sing Core, however Sing Audit cannot be used as independent product. This requires at least one Plug & Play Product to be available hence its referred as extension module. This records each & every data change and provides various reports to know about historical changes happening to data. Changes are summarized based on actual database transaction making it easy to track why certain changes were made, by whom, when and from which location.


Stand Alone Products

These are the independent software products that do not use Sing Core but can be combined with Sing Core to provide additional complimentary services that organizations using Sing Core and its plug in products will find quite useful. Below is a quick summary of such independent products.

Sing Drive
Sing Drive is designed to work with popular cloud storage options like Google Storage, Amazon S3 Storage, Microsoft Azure Storage, IBM Softlayer Storage, DropBox etc. Sing Drive is our own cloud storage offering. Sing Drive is mainly designed for corporation needs to store their data in a safe & secured way, share it with different employees, vendors, customers with fine grained access rights defined, maintain version history of various documents/ files and maintain a detailed audit log of all access & updates to it. It can be configured to provide personal backup to your employees. While this product doesn’t use SingCore and can be used independently without using any of Plug & Play products, still users of SingCore along with any of its plug & play product will find seamless integration with their products. You will be able to grant rights directly for all staff, vendors, customers created in the system directly. Different users will be able to access Sing Drive control panel with exact same credentials that are used within SingCore. Sing Drive internally uses subset of wider digital documents management product called Intelli Documents (see below section).
Intelli Documents
Intelli Documents allows management of digital documents. It facilitates documents creation, running corporate wide reporting engine, storage facility, tracking document changes, maintaining version history, facilitating fine grained access rights configuration for different users, maintaining detailed audits for access & edits etc. Send digital copies and sign digitally on documents and keep it with you in secured formats.
Sing BI (Business Intelligence)
Many professional BI tools are beyond the reach of most SMEs. This is our own Business Intelligence product that is designed to bring data analytics & data mining features to the masses at most affordable prices.
r4u.co - Ready 4 yoU - Url minification service
There are several Url minification services with majority being free like tinyurl, goo.gl etc. These service providers either lack some professional analytics information about access, or do not allow choosing your own custom url. R4u.co (abbrivation for "Ready 4 yoU") service is our own url minification service offerred as free service to all SingSuite clients. R4u.co is designed to offer detailed professional access analytics as well as allow customers to choose custom urls instead of auto-generated urls.
Sing eMail is cost effective Microsoft Exchange alternative. You may access emails from anywhere with support for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols. Access your emails from any browser with WebMail access. Seamlessly syncs your emails across mobile devices, tablets and desktop applications. Share your contacts, calendars, tasks and notes and truly collaborate with anyone in your company, department or even across a group of users within your organization. It includes multi-layer spam prevention, support for SSL/TLS encrypted connections and many more professional features.
Sing Office Suite
Sing Office Suite is our low-cost alternative for word processing and spreadsheet processing.
Sing iTrack
Sing iTrack is solution to keep track of your fleet or staffs on-the-move.
Sing Contact
SingContact is your broadcasting solution for sending mass emails & mass SMS messages. Now you can send as many emails as needed for your business without worry of getting classified as spammer.
Sing Media Tube
Sing MediaTube is your integrated solution for audio & video streaming from your own online solution. You may control access to specific users with authorization or manage play count based on certain rules with ease.
SQL Star
Sql Star is generic tool for database schema & data comparison and synchronization. It includes custom version specific for SingSuite that caters for schema & data comparison/ synchronization needs for various deployment models of SingSuite. It allows easy upgrade process, migration of SingSuite data from one end to another like from desktop implementation to server or cloud implementations without any manual input. You may feel free to use any deployment model now and when required to change gear than Sql Star would take care of all nitty-gritty of data migration chores.

Application Programming Interface

SingSuite already boasts quite a number of different software products that can be plugged-in on demand. However true power of SingSuite comes from its extensible feature of Custom Programming Interface. It enables creating custom functionality that your organization needs directly on top of SingCore and other software products plugged-in to it. Any custom development becomes one with SingCore, appears the same as rest of SingSuite, and works on same data repository.

Specialist Products / Industry Verticals

These are specialist software that would offer a bundled mixture of specific Plug & Play products in right proportion with some custom programming using Custom Programming Interface of SingSuite targeting specific needs. Following specialist products are available as part of SingSuite

Our existing product Ontogeny® is already re-factored to use SingSuite for most features including Sales, eCommerce, CMS, CRM, Inventory etc. features and offers MLM industry specific features like genealogy viewing, bonus computations etc. as part of custom development using custom programming interface. Ontogeny® is our first specialist product built on top of SingSuite.
Sing F&B
This product is already officially launched. You can see more details about SingFNB from the SingFNB website.

SingSuite - An honest attempt to supercharge your organizational productivity.