A fully integrated end-to-end software for restaurant & cafe automation.


Managing an F&B establishment is no easy task - busy kitchen, quick customer service, cash management, product marketing, inventory management, and a huge setup process keeps the restaurant management occupied at any time! Restaurant industry can adhere to vast menu of technological tools for surpassing these challenges. However, choosing and investing in a single right solution that comprises of all the features required for a single to multi outlet business is important. The right F&B management solution would help to simplify the order management, automate the kitchen, keep control of cash flows, and other daily operations.


SingFNB is a single unique solution to all the challenges of the F&B industry. From cloud modules to in house- applications and POS, marketing and sales analytics, it provides an holistic approach. Looking for an hassle free solution to cope up with your existing different modules? SingFNB with a perfect blend of modules is the right choice!



SingFNB is the only solution that provides top notch features at a very affordable range.
SingFNB is not just a delivered product but a service that helps you grow with better ROI.
Power-up your food business with SingFNB!


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